A funeral is a time-honored event dedicated to celebrating a loved one’s life.  We take great pride in working with family members to provide a loving and honorable memorialization that suits your taste and budget.

When planning a funeral there are numerous decisions and considerations to be made at a very emotional time for family members.  Our process is professional and caring.   We understand how to guide your family through the process respectfully.

From small private services to custom gala events we have the resources to ensure your loved one is remembered the way your family desires.

Pearson’s funeral home is equipped with state of the art audio-visual technology and can also accommodate musical performers.


Whether in state or out of state we work closely with cemeteries and memorialization sites across the nation.

Traditional burial services can include a viewing at the funeral home, a prayer service at a church and/or a graveside service.   All services can either be private or public.

Aquamation & Cremation

Pearson’s Funeral Home is the first funeral home west of the Mississippi to provide a green alternative to traditional cremation.  AQUAMATION by dissolution provides an energy efficient, flameless alternative to traditional cremation.  It utilizes water, temperature, and alkalinity to accelerate the body’s natural processes of tissue hydrolysis. In this process all organic substances are consumed or driven off, except bone fragments completing the circle of life and returning the remains back to the earth. Aquamation is considered to be an environmentally friendly choice because fossil fuel is not directly used in the process. The remains from this process look and are chemically the same as cremated remains and are returned to the family in an urn; they can be buried at a cemetery in a full size plot or in special cremation burial spaces.

In recent times cremation has become a preferred choice over casketed in ground burial.  Cremation is the process of rapidly reducing remains to bone fragment through immense heat.

Cremated & alternative remains require less space and most cemeteries offer small plot sizes or allow full size plots to be used for multiple urns for family memorialization. Another option is to place the urn in a columbarium. Scattering of your loved one remains in a natural environment is also a choice many families prefer.  Pearson’s can provide urns that are designed for easy opening and scattering.

Some families wish to create a personal memorialization where the family member’s name is cast and placed on a wall or book of remembrance.  These memorials are in memory only and are an excellent way to memorialize a loved one whose remains are not present. 

Custom, unique urns designed for display inside a home is often a preferred choice.   Pearson’s provides a wide range of personalized memorialization options. 


Loving & Honorable Memorialization

At Pearson’s Funeral Home we offer the area’s largest selection of memorialization choices and are well suited for any budget. 


We exclusively offer a wide variety Matthews International caskets. Metal, Wood or composites; we have it. Our prices on Outer Burial Container (OBC) are the lowest in the area.  Our OBC meets requirements for most cemeteries. OBC are required at most cemeteries. 


Our selection of urns is designed to provide a proper choice for any situation.  Choose from wood, porcelain, marble, glass, or metal urns.   We also offer a selection of eco and biodegradable urns. 

Tear Bottle

Tear bottles are a popular way to memorialize a loved one.  Our selection of tear bottles are hand blown glass, made in the USA.  Tear bottles are can catch tears for a loved one or hold a small amount of their remains. 

Tribute Tapestry

A Woven Tribute Tapestry is large and impressive, yet soft to the touch. The Tapestry is easily hung at a viewing on a floral display rack or draped over a casket. Our Tapestries make great tribute displays for cremation memorials.  They can also be given as gifts anytime of the year. They are generously sized and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry commemorates a departed friend or family member.  Our beautiful selection of funeral pendants and cremation jewelry can be personalized as a lasting tribute.