Gunilla Guenther 1940 ~ 2019

Gunilla Guenther passed away on September 4, 2019, at Oak Park in Roseburg at the age of 78. She was born in Sweden and resided with her folks and brother until she went to nursing school in Southern Sweden.

Gunilla worked at various nursing positions until she migrated to the United States at age 28. This was a difficult move as she had to learn English and get the proper credentials in order to be able to practice as a registered nurse in America. She accomplished this while residing in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gunilla later moved to San Diego and continued her nursing career there. During this time, she met her future husband, Egan Guenther. After she and Egan got married, she moved to Antlers Resort at Mt. Shasta, since Egan owned the resort.

They managed the resort for 20 years, retired, and moved to the Highlands in Green district. Egan was very active as a Mason and Shriner, and was potentate in 1972.

Egan and Gunilla travelled all over the world. They loved to dance and attend jazz festivals. They frequently visited family and friends in Germany and Sweden. They always had dogs, usually German Shepherds, but their last dog was a black lab.