Edward Bird 1943~2019

Edward William Bird. October 8, 1943 to May 10, 2019

 Eddie, as his family knew him, was born in Jamaica Plains outside of Boston to a single mother. His maternal grandparents lived with them and his grandmother dearly loved him and would dote over little Eddie. Life was tough for Eddie and his family was poor and he would tell stories about going to the clinic and paying 5 cents to have his teeth worked on. He swore there was nothing wrong with his teeth, but they needed him to "practice" on. No one ever went with him, he always went alone.
He attended catholic church by himself . His mother would give him 10 cents for the round trip ride on the subway to the church and home. He loved donuts so he would take the subway one way for 5 cents and then walk miles home where he could stop at a donut shop and spend his other 5 cents. He has loved donuts his entire life and always knew where the donut shops were. He finally stopped going to donut shops when he moved to Myrtle Creek because we lived too far from town to go in every day for donuts.

 He moved with  his mother  to Santa Ana, California when he was about 11 years old, by train. They left his grandparents in Boston. When he arrived in Santa Ana, he acquired 3 paper routes because his new stepfather would demand 1/2 of all of his money to pay his way, no free rides there. As a teen he started working at and managing a local mom and pop pizza place  "The Pizza Kitchen". He later got a job at Schroth's Jewelers, a manufacturing jeweler. He continued to work the 2 jobs and joined the National Guard for a 6 year stint. He also went to junior college part time to learn how to program computers. When his step father died, Eddie moved back "home" and  Eddie took over taking care of his mother and paying all of the rent and bills himself.
He was always a hard and dedicated worker. It was while at Schroth's that Eddie met his Sole mate, Judy Henderson. They fell deeply in love and their motto to each other was "Forever and a Day". They were married on December 13, 1969. Eddie landed his job at Southern California Gas Company 1 month before they were married. They bought their first home 1 year later. Then they had a gorgeous little baby girl that they named, Amy Bell Bird, born on February 8, 1976. She was the apple of Eddie's eye and she was very deeply loved. But Tragedy struck on May 21, 1976 when she died from crib death.
They sold their new home and bought 4 acres in Trabuco Canyon and lived in an old 23 foot, Stanley Steamer travel trailer with no phone and no electricity. They did have propane lights to read the paper by at night and they listened to Mystery theater  on the battery operated radio at 9 PM every night.  While living in the trailer and working full time, Eddie and Judy built their new home. Little Benjamin Edward Bird came into this world on February 1, 1978, the same day that Judy left her job. 
His bed would be a straw basket until the house was finished. He was and still is such a great joy to us.
He learned to mimic his father and learned how to do anything and everything on his own. He is a self taught man and Eddie was extremely proud to call him his son.

Eventually, we grew tired of the "rat race" and moved to San Miguel, California near Monterey County. He was able to get a transfer within the Gas Company to Templeton, California. 

Eddie was always a hard worker and worked many hours overtime every night. The gas Company could always depend on him to get the work finished even if it met being out until midnight. His great success was mainly due to all of the overtime that he worked and for investments he made in real estate. He always said that he would never make it on working for a wage so he had to invest in real estate.

He would continue with the Gas company for a total of 32 years until the Gas Company began downsizing and offered him a financial package, if he would retire early. He took the offer and they sold the ranch in San Miguel, as well as all of the rental houses they had bought over the years and moved to Oregon. They bought a 78 acre ranch in Myrtle Creek and an old Craftsman home on 8 acres in Cottage Grove as Eddie couldn't make up his mind where he wanted to live. They spent 2 years rehabbing the old farm house and then sold it to move to Myrtle Creek.

He loved living on his ranch and the tranquility of being off of the beaten path and feeding the wildlife and all of their livestock. He finished a homestead cabin as a guest house and built a house truck overlooking the pasture. The house truck was a gift of love to his wife Judy because when she got breast cancer she said she wanted to sleep in a cabin overlooking the pasture so she could watch the cows grazing.

Eddie was loved by all for being a friend to everyone he met and lending a hand to someone who needed help. Just 2 weeks ago, he was approached in the parking lot by a stranger who was from out of town and said his battery was dead. Eddie pulled out his trusty little charger from the console and proceeded to start the man's car. The man was totally amazed that any such device existed. Eddy was happy to have helped him.

Judy and Ben will love him "Forever and a Day" until they meet again in Heaven