Paul K Greenwood 1968 - 2017

Paul K. Greenwood

Paul K. Greenwood, age 49, born February 27, 1968, died unexpectedly and instantly of a massive coronary, Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Paul was survived by his mother and father, Reginald and Lois Greenwood. Paul was also survived by his sister, Elizabeth Stacey; brother in law, and nephew, David and Isaac Stacey of Vancouver, WA; his brother, Jeffrey Greenwood, with whom he resided since April, 2013, in Roseburg OR.

Paul graduated from Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, ID, in 1986, and went on to University of Idaho where he graduated with a Bachelor's in communication and moved to Portland, OR. After moving to Roseburg in 2013, Paul volunteered at the Roseburg VA Audio department for several years. In August of 2017, Paul went to work for FCR. As he regretted having to leave the VA, Paul made a new family at First Call Resolutions.

Paul will be missed by his family and coworkers. He loved music, old movies, BBQ, and family time with Jeff, Margie Reed, Mavis Green, Mary White and Becky Gleaves Sisk; even the family dog, Dazey May, will miss Paul.

Inquiries call 541-643-3669. Paul's parents are planning a memorial at Atonement Lutheran Church in Newport, OR, November 11, 2017, to RSVP: 541-574-6322.